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Happy New Year!

...a little late, I know, but here are my goals for 2012:
  • Continue practicing a daily 15 to 20 minute meditation
  • Continue to get back to my highest level of PT and do these exercises 5 days a week
  • Finish all unpacking from the move, consider throwing a housewarming
  • Tag photos from 2011 photo project and fix mis-dated entries
  • Coordinate with Morgan and start our garden
  • Try a new recipe every week and blog about it at: Follow the Sun

Pretty ambitious, but I did manage, in 2011, to move twice, buy a house, start meditating, start ramping up my PT, and take a photo every day. I think I can do it. ;)

30,000 years later...

I've really gotten out of the habit of posting on here. But at some point I really want to write something about the Halloween made of downed trees! Sadly, not today.

Just taking a moment to say, RIP ex-anniversary. Now you're just another Monday.

You say tomato....

A blind taste test last night before the high-class BLTs revealed that local tomatoes in mediocre condition are still more delicious than perfect-looking Canadian import tomatoes.

Raf is leaving for SIGGRAPH tomorrow, flying all the way to Vancouver, BC. He'll be gone until the following Saturday. So, I don't expect we'll get a lot of packing done while we're a man down. But Mir and Caleb will be over on the 20th for socializing and packing, and I imagine we'll manage it all somehow. By the 26th. Man, that's soon.

Currently reading Jared Diamond's "Guns, Germs, and Steel" and a book about being thrifty. Good times. I may need to find a good recipe for bread pudding.

Tumbled, and better things as well

Been having a fabulous summer vacation at my parents' house with the toddler. Met my four month old nephew, Finn, and got to see my brother yesterday. There have been fresh strawberries, two kinds of pie, barbeque, pizza, and salad. We've gone to the Cohen playground a lot, gotten a kiddie pool out on the front lawn, enjoyed two small rainstorms, and driven down to the farm to see chickens and turkeys and dogs. I took my dad out to the X-men movie for father's day. And I got a super cute haircut.

Also, I fell down an entire flight of stairs while carrying CJ to the changing table yesterday.

The stairs were carpeted, and apart from a rug burn graze on her face and a bunch of scrapes and bruises and a pulled left bicep for me, we escaped unscathed. (I did have to go to get my glasses frames bent back into shape during yesterday's naptime.)

Tomorrow we're going to go feed some ducks, and Wednesday we'll be heading back to MA.

The countdown to our closing date is starting soon - closing is set for July 15th (coincidentally my sister's birthday). Soon, a house shall be ours....

What a busy summer!
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Day in bed

Due to a combination of the cold I caught from Morgan and the fact that I didn't take my allergy meds on time yesterday, I had a wretched night. Luckily my dear husband is here to watch the baby so I can lie around and rest today. Ugh, my head.

Inspections are done on the house we're looking to buy. Now for the purchase and sales agreement and getting our financing.

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Lovely Day Off

I very much enjoyed my day off yesterday, and one of the things I did was get a haircut. I'm not entirely satisfied with how it came out, but I also don't care a whole lot about being high-fashion, so I'm going to bide my time until my next haircut plotting your demise how to make it more awesome next time.

new haircut April '11
new haircut April '11



Um... 6-10" of snow in the next 36 hours, that's, like, an April Fool. Right? Right???
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On a lighter note...

Pimping my sister's new blog!

Also, I wanted to share my recipe for tasty carrots. (I'm sure my parents never dreamed I would use those two words in the same sentence!)

Steam or simmer some baby carrots to delicious tenderness. Add about a tablespoon of butter (or your buttery spread of choice; we use Smart Balance). Also add about 2 T. orange juice and cinnamon to taste. Stir and enjoy!
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raf and tabby

Excitement you don't want

Raf is at Cooley-Dickinson due to a bad reaction to a new medication he was trying. We're not sure yet how long he'll have to stay, but it's nothing life-threatening... just very, very painful. (Pancreatitis, if you're interested.) He doesn't have good cell phone reception, but can receive texts if you want to say hi. Will update as events warrant.

What a week!

Happy St. Patrick's Day, to anyone who likes to wear or eat green things on the 17th of March.

CJ was taken with a case of food poisoning on Sunday night after my folks left town (after a lovely weekend visit!) and lost_circuit, anzovin, and I all came down with it on Wednesday. I'm glad it wasn't all four of us at once, but I like my weeks with a little less puking, y'know?

Anyway, I think we'll be completely recovered by tomorrow morning.

It was so lovely and sunny and warm today! It got up to 64. Hooray for Spring - as of Sunday!!!
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