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Tumbled, and better things as well

Been having a fabulous summer vacation at my parents' house with the toddler. Met my four month old nephew, Finn, and got to see my brother yesterday. There have been fresh strawberries, two kinds of pie, barbeque, pizza, and salad. We've gone to the Cohen playground a lot, gotten a kiddie pool out on the front lawn, enjoyed two small rainstorms, and driven down to the farm to see chickens and turkeys and dogs. I took my dad out to the X-men movie for father's day. And I got a super cute haircut.

Also, I fell down an entire flight of stairs while carrying CJ to the changing table yesterday.

The stairs were carpeted, and apart from a rug burn graze on her face and a bunch of scrapes and bruises and a pulled left bicep for me, we escaped unscathed. (I did have to go to get my glasses frames bent back into shape during yesterday's naptime.)

Tomorrow we're going to go feed some ducks, and Wednesday we'll be heading back to MA.

The countdown to our closing date is starting soon - closing is set for July 15th (coincidentally my sister's birthday). Soon, a house shall be ours....

What a busy summer!

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