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Hey, folks. We're all moved to Northampton now, and I've been working on some catch-up projects. My 365 Photoblog is now updated through moving day, with more to follow in the next few days. I haven't stopped photographing, just briefly paused in uploading.

Unpacking proceeds apace. I bought CJ her first pair of real shoes, which should arrive in the mail later this afternoon. Also buying stuff for the new house, primarily storage (like over-the-door towel hooks) and kitchen related.

Warmer weather after today! I'm looking forward to eventually finding out what color all our landlord's rhododendrons are. :)


Tooth #3 made its grand debut this morning: the top right central incisor.

In other news, moving tomorrow & will be offline until Friday afternoon, soonest.


- More snow. Really? Really.
- Our car needs $2000 and 8 days worth of work after anzovin spun out on ice and hit a guard rail on 116 last week. The good news is that we can drive it for a while until we get that arranged. We'll see how much insurance covers as well. Hopefully some or all of the car rental.
- CJ has a baby boy cousin as of 6:08 this morning. Yay!
- One full month of my 365 Photo Project is done, and I'm still having fun with it. A little tired of taking pictures of things indoors and/or snow, but see my first point.
- We found an apartment in Northampton for the next 6 months. Cue the recurring nightmare featuring packing tape and Sharpie markers. BUT, my sister-in-law and her awesome husband will be coming over sometime this month for a packing party. Woo!
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Because 7 houses in 11 years is not enough.

The gods have decreed that my life is not yet interesting enough this year, so our landlords decided not to rent month-to-month after our lease expires and we will be moving not once, my friends, but twice this year. With a one year old. Fun times! :P They start this winter.

This will bring my total number of living spaces up to 8 in 11 years, not counting college.

Starting summer of 2000:
1. South St. Northampton
2. Williams St. Northampton
3. Washington Ave. Northampton
4. South Pleasant St. Amherst
5. Hawley St. Northampton
6. Shattuck Rd. Hadley
7. 6 month lease to be determined
8. The house we buy, 2011.
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cookie love

Current favorites!

These are a few of my (current) favorite things:
- Rabbit Heart (Raise it Up) by Florence + the Machine
- Jungle Animal by Pomplamoose and Aimee Willis
- Gideon by My Morning Jacket
- O' Sailor by Fiona Apple
- Deep Red Bells by Neko Case

And, non-musically:
- Rosemary Kirstein's Steerswoman series (currently 4 books long)
- Republic of Tea's Blackberry Sage Tea
- Baking raisin spice bread every week
- Taking photos
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CJ's January update

CJ is...
  • ...taking her first steps.
  • ...developing opinions of her own.
  • ...giving up her morning nap.
  • ...very interested in solid foods, especially if they're on someone else's plate.
  • ...a toddler!
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Happy new year

Fall asleep, and wake up in some alternate reality where the high temp tomorrow is 51 degrees? Well, that's one way to kick off the new year.
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